My Story

Hi, I'm Rick 
I've been playing in the Windsor, Ontario / Detroit Michigan bar and club scene since early 1980's.
I played drums and sang for quite a few local bands from 1980's until 2002. After taking a break in 2002, I started playing bass jamming with my son Jason on drums and eventually started a band with an old friend and his uncle and younger cousin. I did lead vocals and played rhythm guitar and keyboards with that band and with other bands since, up until 2010. After my son left a local cover band we were playing with I went back on drums until 2012.
In 2012, I had given the current band notice and wanted to take a break and spend more time with the grandkids. On June 10, 2012, a tragedy occurred where 2 granddaughters were killed and 2 other grandkids were injured. My Grandson was injured critically and we almost lost him as well. The last time I was in a cover band and played a weekend gig was the previous weekend and since that day, besides a few fill-ins on drums, I haven't been able to play or even get into playing music.
Now's the time to change that scenario and get back into music and get out of the depression that has been looming and glooming life on a daily basis.
I can't get the girls back but I can do something by honoring their lives and their memories by getting back into the music in hopes of creating some original music in their honor and maybe even doing something to help other people caught up in the holds of grief and depression to some extent.

This site is dedicated to my 2 little grand daughters Brooklyn and Wynter.
Love and miss you both.
Love Papa